Looking forward to sharing a cuppa with you all again soon


Come in for everything from soap to soup
Please ask about our Gluten-Free Scones. 
And call for special orders. We ship anywhere in the U.S.
(90% of our stock is comprised of British imports)

Fantastic news!
Walkers Crisps are back in stock

Consumables include:

  • Heinz Beans
  • HP Sauce, Soups & Salad Dressing 
  • Clotted & Devonshire Cream 
  • McVities Digestive Biscuits 
  • Walkers Shortbread & Crisps
  • Some Cadbury items available
  • PG Tips and a large selection of teas  
  • Assortment of Meat & Vegetarian Pies 
  • Fresh Sausage Rolls & Scones made on site 
  • Colman's Sauce Mixes 
  • Batchelor Mushy Peas 
  • Birds Custard 
  • Variety of Mr Kipling cakes 
  • Selection of Nestle & Mars sweets
  • Irish bangers and bacon 

Gift items include: 
  • Imported English Bone China e.g. Tea Pots & Tea Cups 
  • Greeting Cards 
  • Flags & mugs & stickers and the like 
  • Music 
  • Tea Accessories