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Monday, June 1, 2020

Pajama ParTea

Orange County is coming out of hibernation and Pamela's Tea Room is celebration with a 
Pajama Partea Brunch 

Saturday June 13 

Come lift a cup and share highlights of your last 2 months. 
No formal activities or games, or party favors -- just gabbing!

MENU: quiche, 1/2 sausage roll, fruit, scone with cream & jam, tea

$25 includes tax; please bring cash for gratuity

Dress Code - pajamas, slippers, curlers, a plush friend -- bring it all!

#12 person capacity (every other table). 

Ring Pamela's directly at 714-897-9442 
to prepay by credit card. No refunds, but seats are transferable as long as health protocols are observed