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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pamela's English Ox Tail Stew

Originating in Northern England in the 1700s, Ox Tail Stew was made from oxen and other cattle as a staple for farming families (peons) that couldn’t afford the better cuts of meat, often from their own cattle. Butchers that bought the cow or ox, often gave the tail, hoofs and ears to the poor.

Today however, a properly made Ox Tail Stew is a delicacy of the highest order (and one of the most pricey and time consuming to make). Today fresh ox tail is over $10.00 a pound at the local butcher shop and considering that 70% is bone brings the price of the meat itself to over $30.00 a pound! It would be more economical to stew the best cut of steak that you can find!

It takes about five hours to prepare the yummy Ox  Tail served at Pamela’s; all ingredients (including the ox tail) are fresh and carefully prepared to English tradition - with the exception of the bones, which we do not include. There is a faux – ox tail soup made with common beef cuts, but once you sample Pamela’s Ox Tail Stew nothing else will do!