Looking forward to sharing a cuppa with you all again soon

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Sleuthing Series 2015

Join tea & mystery enthusiasts for Cup of Mystery whodunits, 
designed to be played while at tea. 
You may order off our menu (unless the group becomes too big, in which case we'll offer a select set of pre-order options. The cost of the mysteries is noted below.)

SCONE COLD DEAD - a customer ends up dead and the tea room's kitchen takes the heat. Help them clear their name and keep their A rating with the health department.
Wed, 8 July at 1pm
Mystery cost: $2.50

TRIPLE PLAYER Part #1 - a dashing young playboy faces the women he's scorned in a case riddled with deception and betrayal. Find out if 3's a charm.. or a curse! (This is a 3-Course Murder taking place over 3 separate outings.)
Thurs, 23 July at 11:30am
Mystery cost: $2.50

NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH - a ladies' social group reveals what's behind their smiles and carefully crafted personas. The claws come out, and so does the truth! (This is a 'Your Part in Murder' - interactive roleplaying game)
Wed, 19 August at 1pm
Mystery cost: $5 (limit 6 guests)